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izzy ray | 3 years ago
I Have A Dog And A Few Bunnies But I’m Open To Getting Another Pet…

I have a dog and a few bunnies but I’m open to getting another pet to help with my anxiety I’m not sure if I should get like a toucan or like an African grey vs a maine coon cat. I’m looking for something friendly I like an afRican grey because I can talk to it then I love Maine coons because they get so big and they’re soft and amazing to cuddle. But I’m not really sure what do you think?

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Laura (@lauramiedzianowski)
3 years ago

I cannot recommend a parrot to anyone who isn’t willing to live with a toddler for the next 50+ years. Yes, Greys live that long, and yes, they’re as smart as toddlers. They need as much care as toddlers. They need a LOT of work, a LOT of attention, and they’re more than most people can handle. You said you have a dog…is there a reason the dog is not able to help you with your anxiety? I would discuss the addition of a cat with your doctor, to see whether they agree that this is the correct choice.