Q: I'm having trouble signing up. The site is giving me an error.

A: This usually happens when you already have an account. Try going to the Log In page and resetting your password using your username or email. If that doesn’t work, please contact us describing the error you are seeing so we can help.

Q: Will I get notified when someone posts a response to my question?

A: Yes, you should receive an email from us whenever a user responds to your question. Please make sure that you add notifications@pawbly.com to your email contact list to make sure they don’t end up in your spam folder.

Q: I posted a question, but why haven't I received any responses?

A: Try adding further detail about your question, and if you can upload images to show our community what’s going on, that will often help get better feedback.

Q: What's a Goldfish Sitter, or all those other phrases next to people's names?

A: Those are our Ranks. The more you interact with the Pawbly Community, the higher your rank will be! As you increase in Rank, badges become more colorful and have unique and fun titles. This is a helpful way for you to know who’s been around for a while, and for others to know how much you’ve participated!

Q: What does Verified mean?

A: The Verified badge denotes someone who has been approved by Pawbly as a pet expert. This can include vets, vet techs, people with degrees in animal related studies, or those who’ve proven their expertise in other ways. These are people we trust to give you knowledgeable opinions. To apply for a verified badge, please contact us.

Q: What is a Trusted Vet?

A: Trusted Vets are practicing veterinarians that we have verified as such. If you are a veterinarian who would like to be acknowledged as a Trusted Vet (it’s also a great way to promote your practice), please contact us.

Q: What does it mean when someone has Admin next to their name?

A: Occasionally you’ll see someone with an Admin badge. These are our friendly developers and technical team, who will sometimes engage with people having technical issues with the site.

Q: Can I change my username on my account?

A: No, we don’t allow username changes, though as you can see we present our community members with their real names. This is because this is a real community with real people and real pets’ lives at stake. If there is some extenuating circumstance regarding a username change other than aesthetics, you can contact us and we will see if we can help.

Q: How do I upload images to a question or response?

A: See screenshots below. You can upload multiple images and even remove them before you post a question or response. This is a great way to get better feedback or to share visual information.

Q: I really liked what someone said on a question or response, and they seem like they share a lot of information that would help me. Can I subscribe to their posts?

A: Yes you can! Just visit their user profile by clicking on their name, then click on the “Follow” button while logged into your account. You will now receive notifications when they post to the site.

Q: Can I advertise on Pawbly.com?

A: Sure! Please contact us for details.

Q: I made a typo on my last post. What do I do?

A: Users can edit their own questions and responses any time. Look for the text link below where you posted that says “Edit Question” or “Edit Response” and it will re-open the submission.

Q: Can I delete questions and responses I've posted?

A: We don’t delete content on Pawbly.com because that content was meant to be shared, and that is our value to our community. You can edit your questions or responses if you like, and we do moderate the posts here, so if you notice anything that is out of bounds, please contact us to report it.

Q: How do I ask a question?

A: Simple! Once you’re logged in, visit the Questions page if you’re not already there, and type into the box that says “Ask a Question” at the top. You can even add multiple images to help our community understand what you are asking about.

Q: How do I post a response?

A: Simply click on the Responses link at the bottom of any Question on the Questions page (or on any individual Question page), and you will see an area where you can start typing your response (“Add a response…”). You can also post multiple images here to help illustrate your points to the Question.

Q: Can I change my profile image from the Pawbly Paw?

A: Of course! We encourage everyone to fill out their profiles by going to www.pawbly.com/me while logged in. You can update your information, profile and cover photo here.

Q: I really want to help participate in Pawbly on a deeper level. How do I get involved with more than just answering questions?

A: We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us regarding your interest in building our community.

Q: I want to cancel my account. How do I do this?

A: Simply visit your Profile and Account page (www.pawbly.com/me) and go to the link that says “Deactivate My Account” under the Account tab. All of your posts will still remain published on Pawbly.com for the benefit of the community, however, your username will now show anonymized as “Pawbly User” and in order to engage on the platform again, you’ll need to log back in and click on the Re-Activate My Account link (everything will be restored just like you never left).

Q: How can I get information that is more relevant to my pets case?

A: Add as much information as possible about your pet. Please seek immediate veterinary help if this might be an emergency.

Q: Why can't I get treatment advice?

A: We are dedicated professionals and it would be unethical, irresponsible and likely detrimental to you pets care if we assumed the disease and ideal treatment plan without knowing you, your pet, and your pet’s environment. It is also against medical regulations to provide medical care outside of a current client-patient-veterinary relationship.

Q: How can I encourage more assistance from the Pawbly professionals after I post my initial question?

A: The Pawbly professionals are volunteering their time. Replying to them with further clarification encourages member participation and will be to your pets benefit. If anyone has helped you, or attempted to help you, a ‘thank you’ is always a nice way to keep everyone motivated and happy as well!

Q: What are Topics?

A: Topics are keywords that are automatically assigned to every question. “My dog is pregnant” will therefore have the topics #dog and #pregnancy associated. You can click on or search a topic to see all questions regarding that animal or condition. You can also press the heart icon next to a topic to subscribe and be notified any time anyone posts a question with that topic.

Q: What are Topic Groups?

A: Topic Groups are a great way to find specifically what you’re looking for. From the Topics Page, you can add multiple keywords, such as Kitten, Scratching. This will give you results of all questions that have both #Kittens and #Scratching topics together. You can then subscribe (by clicking the heart) to be notified any time a new question is asked about kitten scratching.