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Jessica Li | 3 years ago
There Is A Mother Cat With Two Kittens Living Under The Fence In My Backyard…

There is a mother cat with two kittens living under the fence in my backyard. I feed them 2x a day and I watch them from my window as they come out and eat. I want to provide them with a temporary shelter (below) so that it will be easy to TNR later. However, there are a lot of bugs and I plan to put the shelter on top of the bricks on the second layer. I’ve heard of using vinegar sprays and cornstarch to get rid of bugs. Would this harm the cats? Thanks, tips and pointers appreciated

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

There are lots of diy options available online. Also our local rescues often offer these free to those who need them. Call around or post a request on their Facebook page. People in your community maybe able to donate one.