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Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many human consumable products. If you are a Dog Owner, PLEASE familiarize yourself with these products and KEEP THEM AWAY from your Dog. Xylitol is TOXIC for dogs even in small doses. My 3.5 month puppy found a canister of the Trident Sugar Free Gum and ate numerous pieces of the gum. I knew Xylitol was toxic and my heart stopped when I saw what she had done. Luckily within a 30 minute window she was vomiting the gum, HOWEVER, she was not clear of needing EMERGENCY HOSPITOLIZATION. Xylitol can cause Hypoglycemia and Liver damage in dogs and CAN BE FATAL if left unattended. So far, my pup has been in the Emergency Hospital for 2 days and counting 🙁 Do yourself and your dog a huge favor and research these products!! It can mean life or death for your best friend. I hope this helps at least one dog out there. Most of my friends had NO IDEA about the affects of Xylitol on dogs. The estimate and costs that I have attached is only for up to 36 hours of care. I will be way beyond that timeframe. 🙁 I am not knocking the Emergency Hospital for their costs. I am truly grateful they are monitoring and administering care. But you can avoid these costs if you are diligent. Hope this helps!!!

Pet Type: New dog
Pet Breed: Labrador Puppy
Pet Date of Birth: 05/12/2022
Treatment Cost (USD): $2400.00
Provider Name: Animal Emergency Hospital
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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