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Radio-iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism in a Bombay cat. Meet Bica.


Bica was brought to me because her parents were concerned about her weight loss and muscle wasting. She was about 12 when first diagnosed. Most hyperthyroid cats are active (or over active), have a voracious appetite and even though they seem to be eating an adequate amount they continue to lose weight and muscle. Many cats are presented very thin and some even become so ravenous they start to become aggressive about food, or even around people. Bica’s parents noticed her subtle signs very early on. She is a very loved and very lucky kitty.


diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on 10/11/17 with an examination and blood work panel. I always run a full panel, it is often insignificantly more costly to run a complete CBC, full chemistry, urinalysis and T4. If the T4 is normal and I still suspect hyperthyroidism I also add a freeT4 and TSH to the blood work.
Bica’s T4 was 9.4 (normal 0.8 to 4).


Initially Boca was treated with 5 mg of methimazole every 12 hours by mouth. Most cats will manage well with this medication.
The four treatment options for hyperthyroidism are;
1. surgery
2. Y/d food (must feed only this food, many cats have a difficult with only eating this.
3. radio-iodine
4. medication.


Bica’s family wanted the best care available for her. I believe that if affordable radio-iodine has the best cure rate and long term prognosis. It is estimated that if a cat is treated for two years with the medication the cost will be equivalent to the cost of the radio-iodine. It also appears to provide a better long term prognosis and survival.
more information on hyperthyroid disease here; AAFP
Bica is my patient. Her story is posted with permission from her family.

Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: Bombay
Pet Date of Birth: 09/18/2005
Treatment Cost (USD): $1700.00
Provider Business Name: Veterinary Referral Associates
500 Perry Parkway
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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