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One of the best ways that we can take care of homeless cats is managing the colonies they live in. As long as they have shelter, food and water cat colonies can live peacefully within the communities they share. TNR, or trap-neuter-release is the best way to control cat populations and still provide the compassionate oversight this domesticated species deserves.. This is Sue. Her parents trapped her and brought her to us for help in getting her vaccinated, spayed and treated.

She came in the trap she was captured in. This is the safest way for her to be handled as she is not trusting of people and she is not vaccinated.
Her care included;
application of revolution for fleas, intestinal parasites and ear mites. It is a great topical product for cats.
microchip. I require this for TNR’s. It helps identify these cats as cared for. $25
ear tip to denote she has been spayed/neutered, free
Spay TNR $80
Rabies $16
FeLV/FIV test $35
fluids, subcutaneous for upper respiratory infection $35
injectable antibiotic $54
injectable NSAID for cats $17

This story is posted with the owners permission. I thank her for caring about Sue.

Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: Domestic short hair
Pet Date of Birth: 02/03/2018
Treatment Cost (USD): $252.00
Provider Name: krista Magnifico DVM
Provider Business Name: Jarrettsville Veterinary Center
3961 Norrisville Road
Jarrettsville, Maryland 21084
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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