Emergency Visit

Two shots in one day (Lepto + Lyme) made Stella a very sick pup!


We had already had the first round for both the Lepto shot and the Lyme vaccine (each done on separate visits), so this visit was to our regular vet to have the second round of both done together.  

In retrospect, we realize it was just too much in a day (she also got groomed right before it), but apparently she was also having an allergic reaction to the Lyme shot (in a previous story I posted, I mentioned how the first round had made her sick).  

After her visit to the vet, she seemed ok and the vet was great with everything.  However, an hour or two later she was repeatedly vomiting and really worrying us.  Our regular vet’s clinic had closed already for the day, so we decided to take her for a visit to a local emergency clinic.


The vet at the emergency clinic diagnosed her as having an allergic reaction.  She was already mostly done being sick (vomited about 5-6 times in total including once in the car on the way to the clinic), and though it seemed the worst of it was over we were deeply concerned.


The vet at the emergency clinic proceeded to treat her by giving her 3 more shots (she had already had 2 earlier which seemed to have brought on the condition).  They were a dose of Benadryl, steroids/anti-inflammatory drug, and I think also they did one to re-hydrate her after being so sick (having a little trouble remembering and the treatments weren’t itemized on the invoice as you can see here).


Honestly, the people at the emergency clinic were nice enough, but the whole experience felt like a hard sales pitch.  After the 20 minutes it took to ring up a $300 bill for 3 shots, we were being offered a laundry list of other services including leaving her at the clinic for monitoring which all sounded like an upsell to bring that $300 bill closer to $1000.  The treatment provided did help her, and though it took several days for her to come back to her normal behavior, I’m thankful that the vet was available to help.  However, I don’t think we’ll be back to this clinic unless it’s a life or death kind of emergency because there is another emergency clinic only 10 minutes further away that does not put you through the ringer with $$$.

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Morkie
Pet Date of Birth: 03/12/2016
Treatment Cost (USD): $297.50
Provider Business Name: Veterinary Emergency Group
123 East Route 59
Nanuet, New York 10954
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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Brandon Bachrach
3 years ago

Hope she’s doing better now!