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Cash was purchased at 8 weeks old from a private breeder. He was seen every…


Cash was purchased from a private breeder at 8 weeks old. At his first examination I, his veterinarian, found that only one of his testicles was in the scrotal sac where it belonged. He also has a small umbilical hernia.


An umbilical hernia can be a very dangerous finding in puppies. If the hernia (a hole the communicates with another adjacent body cavity, in this case the abdomen), doesn’t close like it is supposed to then the contents of one space can possibly move between them. In Cash’s case his intestines could slip out the open umbilical (belly button) hole. If a piece of intestine slips out we worry that it can twist and strangulate, therefore, inhibiting gut function. This can be fatal. All hernias should be checked by a veterinarian frequently to decide if, or when, surgical intervention is needed. Not all need to be closed, or require surgery, but all need to be monitored very closely and if the hole is big enough to let abdominal contents slip through surgery should be planned as quickly as possible.
My bigger concern for Cash was his undescended, unpalpable testicle


Cash’s family elected surgery to neuter, correct the umbilical hernia and explore the abdomen for the retained testicle.
Surgery was done by me, Dr Magnifico, at my clinic, Jarrettsville Veterinary Center. Cash was given an examination, iv catheter, and an injectable NSAID prior to surgery. I always recommend neutering by 8 months old, and ALWAYS go looking for the retained testicle. Always!


Cash was seen by me every 3 weeks for his puppy examinations and vaccines. His missing testicle never made an appearance. At his 6 month exam we discussed giving him another few months to let gravity and maturity see if it could coax anatomy into its correct position. At 10 months old he still didn’t have two palpable testes so his family elected to neuter him, correct his umbilical hernia, and perform an exploratory surgery to look for the missing goods.

Pre-op bloodwork ($60 for a partial chemistry and CBC) was done and returned normal.
Surgery included; umbilical hernia repair.
pre-scrotal neuter of the left teste.
abdominal exploratory surgery to find and excise the retained left testicle.
Cash did very well under anesthesia and his testicle was quickly and easily found in the caudal part of his abdomen by his urinary bladder.
cost for surgical care was;
anesthesia, $215, approx 90 minutes
medical pet shirt; $28
suture material; $150
NSAID, for analgesia; $20
antibiotic $$30
hernia repair $75
e-collar $15
castration cryptorchid $300
total about $930 for all

more information on this topic can be found at my blog; KMDVM.blogspot.com here;

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: German Shepherd
Pet Date of Birth: 06/09/2018
Treatment Cost (USD): $930.00
Provider Business Name: Jarrettsville Veterinary Center
3961 Norrisville Road
Jarrettsville, Maryland 21084
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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