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Patton the Tibetan Terrier’s Neuter


Patton is a 6 year old Tibetan Terrier who presented to the veterinary clinic to have multiple masses removed from various areas on his body. Since he had never been neutered, this procedure was completed along with the mass removals.


Multiple Masses (cysts)
Recommend canine neuter


Patton’s itemized procedures and costs:

IV Catheter Placement – $40
IV Fluids – $50
Fluid Pump – $25
Anesthesia – $125
Medical Pet Shirt – $28
Castration Canine, 33 lbs – $100
Carprofen 25mg tablets (analgesic/pain relief to take home) – $12.50

TOTAL COST: $380.50


Patton recovered uneventfully, except for some mild diarrhea that occurred a few days after his surgery. His owner was advised to stop giving him carprofen (pain meds that can sometimes cause stomach upset) to see if the diarrhea would resolve, which it did.

Patton’s story is shared with permission from his owner.

Patton’s story was posted by Suzanne Cannon on behalf of Jarrettsville Veterinary Center.

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Tibetan Terrier
Pet Date of Birth: 05/27/2013
Treatment Cost (USD): $380.50
Provider Business Name: Jarrettsville Veterinary Center
3961 Norrisville Rd
Jarrettsville, Maryland 21084
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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