Regular Vet Visit

Kirra’s Mass removals and dental cleaning.


Kirra had two masses growing under the skin over her spinal area. They larger one was about the size of a lemon and the smaller, just a few inches from the first closer to her tail, was about the size of a grape. The larger one was beginning to cause the skin to stretch to the point where rupture was eminent. When a mass ruptures the area is very unlikely to heal closed as this is abnormal tissue. A nonhealing wound or ruptured mass can result in chronic bleeding/exudate, infection or even maggots. Large masses that are about to cause skin rupture should be surgically excused before they get so large the skin opens or the mass removal is too large to close, or is causing the pet discomfort or ambulatory difficulty.


Based on physical exam, palpation of the masses and aspirate of the masses it was decided to remove them surgically. While Kirra was under anesthesia her parents also wanted her teeth cleaned. No dental extractions were expected and her teeth were in very good condition.


Surgical excision of two subcutaneous masses and routine dental cleaning and polish.


Cost of care included:
Iv catheter, iv fluids, fluid pump, 30 mins of anesthesia is $250
Laser CO2 to remove masses. Less bleeding faster surgical time $150
Mass removal (2) $300
Scale and polish dental stage two $95
Antibiotics and NSAID in hosp and to go home $100
Additional suture $90
Additional anesthesia time $45
This story was posted with Kirras families permission.

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Bloodhound
Pet Date of Birth: 11/07/2011
Treatment Cost (USD): $1028.52
Provider Name: Krista Magnifico DVM
Provider Business Name: Jarrettsville Veterinary Center.
3961 Norrisville Rd
Jarrettsville , Maryland 21084
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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