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I have a 10 year old neutered male indoor cat. A few months ago, noticed he was frequently going in and out of litter box with small pees. Took to the vet where he was given a Convenia injection for a suspected UTI. No urine sample was taken. Sent home.
Two weeks later cat was again going in and out of litter box. This time bloody urine on floor outside litter box. Took back to vet who this time took a urine sample and gave him another Convenia injection and sent home.
Next few days he was urinating small amounts again. Collected his pee balls from his litter box. Count was 16 small pee balls in 8 hour time frame. Called vet and he said he was ok with that. Seriously??
Five days later cat refused to eat breakfast. Sat there. Lethargic and no pee in litter box. Dried up Bloody urine on floor. Rushed cat back to vet. It was confirmed he was blocked. Inserted catheter. Put on subq fluids. Took X-ray which showed nothing. Vet kept cat for three days on IV fluids. Then called said he was ready to be picked up. Vet said to monitor him and “ he will probably block again “. Really ??
No real solution or a advice on what we could do to prevent further issues.
Two weeks later bloody urine outside litter box. Called vet found out he is out of the country and office is closed for ten days!! Had already spent $2400 with no resolution No follow up from vet to see how cat was doing.
Cat stopped eating. Straining in litter box. Noticed some bloody urine outside litter boc. Called Jarrettsville Vet for immediate help.
Dr Magnifico kindly offered to help. He was treated for five nights on fluids and given prednisone and monitored closely. Sent home with subq fluids and prednisone for a month. Cat is doing great now. We were fortunate that Dr Krista was willing to treat the cat long term
Talked to others who have had cats with same issue with their male cats. Wondering why most vets do not seem to know how to diagnose, treat or follow thru with a plan for blocked cats. Their only advice is cat will probably block again and limit dry food. then charge an outrageous cost for only temporary relief for the poor

Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: Domestic short hair
Pet Date of Birth: 02/15/2012
Treatment Cost (USD): $2400.00
Maryland 21040
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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