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Bella and her Pyometra Surgery. Pyometra Canine


Bella is a 10 year old intact dog. Her dad recognized that she was not eating well, not acting like her normal happy self and slowing down. In veterinary terms we call this hyporexia, malaise and lethargy.
Her most concerning and telling sign of her diagnosis was her mucopurulent vaginal discharge.


Her diagnosis was made primarily by her history and physical exam. We have written about other pyometra cases. There is always some discussion about “open” where discharge can be seen emerging from the vulva (which is often enlarged and swollen) and “closed” where the infection is enclosed within the uterus (inside and above the cervix).
Many veterinarians and veterinary clinics like to have lots of diagnostics and information to confirm the diagnosis AND understand patient status. In too many cases veterinarians exhaust financial resources and dont leave pet parents enough financial resources for the life saving surgery these cases require.


In all cases of pyometra I recommend surgical removal of the infected uterus as soon as possible.
Bella was given an exam, blood work, and scheduled for surgery. As with every case we take on at the clinic we discuss costs and consequences tot cutting diagnostics before surgery. We were very lucky in that Bellas dad was ready, willing and able to have Bella be given what we felt was necessary for her best outcome scenario.


Bella did very well through her surgery. She also had a mammary mass that we removed as we were concerned it would be a problem in short time. She was spayed first, and then a new pack and new surgical scrub were done to remove her mammary mass.
Her story is posted with her families permission. I was the veterinarian who performed her surgery. She was a referral from another clinic and I fell in love with her, her dad, and the inspiring story of a girl who needed immediate help and flourished once she got it. I loved this case and helping her. None of the initial presentation is what a vet wants; a sick older pup, masses, and no history of health status.. and yet, I am elated we could help her. The very best part of Bellas story was how grateful and appreciative her dad was.
Her cost of care is as follows;
pre op exam; $50
bloodwork $140
iv catheter, fluids, fluid pump, surgical pack $250
anesthesia $135
pyometra surgery $350
The entire invoice is found as

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Mixed
Pet Date of Birth: 11/12/2009
Treatment Cost (USD): $1696.57
Provider Name: krista magnifico DVM
Provider Business Name: Jarrettsville Veterinary Center
3961 Norrisville Road
Jarrettsville, Maryland 21084
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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