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An Unblocking Procedure on a 4 Year Old Feline (cat)


Ricky came in to Jarrettsville Vet Center with symptoms of not urinating and hiding in his house as well as vomiting. His owners were concerned that he wasn’t acting like himself. After an examination he was determined to have a urinary blockage. Ricky had urinary problems for about a month prior to the eventual blockage. This is a common occurrence with cats and it is important to talk with your vet about a treatment plan.


Each time that Ricky had his urinary problems he was treated at JVC. The first time that Ricky came in for inappropriate urination in the house. He had x-rays and there was no evidence of stones. The treatment plan for this was to start a few medications that could help with a potential blockage. He was started on a urinary care diet and water was added to his food as well.

About a week later he was straining to urinate again and a fluids kit was given to use at home along with the food. Ricky was stressed at home, but the medications seemed to help .

Then about a month after that Ricky was vomiting and hiding in the house again. He came in for an exam and he was determined to be blocked at this point. He was hospitalized and the unblock procedure was preformed. He stayed with us for 6 days to make sure that he did not re block and that he recovered well.

After this his owners said that he has been doing really well. He is sticking to the prescription urinary care diet. He is urinating regularly and in the litter box.


Below are the treatment plans for the 3 visits that Ricky had as we ll as their costs.

First Visit:
Exam- $50
Urinalysis- $50
Single View Rads- $100
Prazosin Capsules- $10
Onsior Tablets- $13
Prescription Food- $58

Second Visit:
Exam- $50
Prednisone- $10
Prazosin- $10
Fluids Kit- $25

Third Visit:
Exam- $50
IV Catheter and Fluids- $90
Anesthesia- $125
Unblock Procedure- $200
Convenia- $50
Praosin- $10
Depo Medrol Injection- $15
Hospitalization (6 days)- $360
Blood Work- $170

Total For All 3 Visits: $1446


Ricky is doing much better after the surgery. He is able to urinate well and he is very happy and much less stressed. His owners have kept him on the prescription diet for urinary care. He also is given access to lots of water and water is added into his food.

This story was written with the pet owners approval by a Jarrettsville Veterinary Center Employee.

Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: Domestic short hair
Pet Date of Birth: 07/10/2015
Treatment Cost (USD): $1446.00
Provider Name: Dr. Ahrens
Provider Business Name: Jarrettsville Veterinary Cente
3961 norrisville rd
Jarrettsville, Maryland 21084
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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