My yorkie hasn’t eaten probably in 3 days all she seems to do is want…

My yorkie hasn’t eaten probably in 3 days all she seems to do is want to sleep and she finding it hard to walk up an downstairs,also she not as lively as she usually is

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Dawn, there is obviously something wrong with your Yorkie. All the symptoms you describe point to it….she could have anything from a spinal problem to stomach problem or both. You need to take her to your Vet and tell him whats going on and take her today.  Its really not wise to let small breeds go up and down stairs or jump on sofas ect. It puts undue pressure on their spine and can cause all sorts of problems. I would honestly carry her up and down stairs, and lift her on and off the sofa.  Hope she recovers… Read more »

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

Its not good for any kind of animals not to eat for even one day, three days is really not good for them. When animals don’t eat it will lead to alot of unwanted problems, it is really unhealthy so you need to get you baby to a vet asap. The reason she isn’t as active is because she hasn’t been eating. Good luck and I hope you get your dog the help that your dog needs.

Debby Hartten
5 years ago

Take to vet asap!

Kasey Litt
5 years ago

Is she drinking water?  Sometimes I’m not so concerned when my pets don’t eat especially if they are still hydrating themselves. The listlessness and physical issues though worry me and as mentioned by my other colleagues, please take to the vet as soon as possible.