My cat is an approximately 7 years old, 13lbs, tuxedo male who has always been…

My cat is an approximately 7 years old, 13lbs, tuxedo male who has always been an indoor cat. He was popping a lot this summer but every time I called the vet they brushed me off till I brought him in. Then they were shocked and said they’ve never seen this in a cat before, and only in one dog besides. They said he’s subluxating in both of his shoulders and there was nothing they could do. I took him to another vet who also practiced animal chiropractic care hoping they would help, but now one shoulder is fully luxated and they could only suggest a type of glucosamine injection. I did what research I could on feline subluxation and know surgery is the only real fix, so I’d really like advice on a) if injections would be helpful or if I should go ahead with the surgery ASAP before he gets any older and b) if ANYONE knows a feline orthopedic surgeon who has experience with this. I’ve inquired around my state but no luck and I want someone knowledgeable since this is such a rare condition.

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Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Hello, The best advice I can give is to seek a boarded veterinary surgeon, or, ask for an appointment with a veterinary teaching hospital. Without knowing the degree of your cats condition, impact on daily life and an exam that’s about all I can say. I can add that this is very uncommon. I would also stress the importance of keeping your cat at an ideal body condition score (weight). If the condition is severe and it is affecting your cats ability to ambulated suegery is probably your best option. Although very likely the most expensive. Good luck. Please let… Read more »