We rescued our almost 2 year old dog in early January. She was spade in November I …

We rescued our almost 2 year old dog in early January. She was spade in November I believe. In late February she was diagnosed with a UTI and has seemed to have issues ever since. She was given medicine for her UTI and as soon as she finished she seemed to have some more dribbling at times, and straining and not a large production of urine. We took her to the vet and they said there was some formation of crystals, her PH was high, and they recommended notto do a certain kind of testing (I can’t remember what) because she just came off antibiotics and said it wouldn’t yield true results. They said we could do a blood test and X-ray, but I wasn’t sure it was necessary. A few days later she had what I believe they called large intestine diarrhea and needed medication for that. She just finished the medication and probiotic for that this week and now she is having some dribbling or puddling issues. I noticed it yesterday, but I thought my son just scared her with his toy. Today, it was after coming in from a walk. She was laying down and peed a small puddle. She has been drinking plenty and goes to the bathroom and produces a normal amount of urine, she doesn’t seem to strain at all. Not sure if I should call the vet and what kind of tests she should get moving forward. It is getting very expensive and I can’t keep spending almost $200 for each vet visit.

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2 years ago

I think I’d get a second opinion.

I’d also wonder if this is spay incontinence with other issues happening.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, It seems like there are a few things going on here and I am not sure if any of them are related. I absolutely think that the urinary issue needs follow up and better assistance from your vet in both the immediate and long run. I think that a urinary diet is a good place to start talking to your vet. Also a urine culture and sensitivity and rechecking the urine sample before and after every antibiotic is given. Spay induced incontinence is a possibility but you have to treat and address infection before starting any medication. Also talk… Read more »