We recently relocated to a new area and I wanted to get my senior dog (13 y/…

We recently relocated to a new area and I wanted to get my senior dog (13 y/o maltese) checked out by a vet, as his hips seemed to have started to bother him. They wanted to do an x-ray and bloodwork. His x-ray showed a slightly enlarged liver and his bloodwork showed his ALT levels at 86, ALK Phosphatase levels at 470, and platelet count at 559. They suggested we do an ultrasound to investigate further. They also started him on galliprant for his hips, which seems to be helping wonderfully! We will be doing an ultrasound to check, but I just wanted to know what I can realistically expect from these results/what they might mean.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

It sounds like your vet has a good plan and had already begun a thorough work up. I’m sorry but I cannot provide much help. Lab work is always best interpreted along with history and physical exam. I would discuss with your vet the history, diet, environment, and any supplements or additives you might be using. From there follow your vets advice or ask for a referral to a specialist if needed. I hope this helps. Let us know what the vets says.