We have a young dog who will not stop licking our older dog in the mouth. …

We have a young dog who will not stop licking our older dog in the mouth. She is out of control with this, its not a normal greeting type of lick its always full speed jumping all around & non stop licking. The older dog hates it & tries to get away but cant so then it turns into the older dog getting loud & aggressive but that doesn’t even stop the other dog…

We don’t know what to do, or how to make her stop. She’s very bullheaded & stubborn almost impossible to train. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you for taking time to read my cry for help


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1 year ago

Good morning☺️ My first bit of advice would be basic obedience. I know you said that she is nearly impossible to train, but dogs are smart and want to please you. It’s just a matter of finding a good motivator for her to learn- whether it be treats, praise, play…etc. all positive reinforcement. Once you know what makes her tick, I would just work on the basics, really. Come, sit, down, stop. There are a ton of YouTube videos and write ups online about how to train and what to do. Those basics will help you keep her off your… Read more »

1 year ago

Leash the younger dog and let them drag the leash. Correct immediately with the leash. Be consistent. If you aren’t already crating the dogs when you aren’t supervising, I’d start doing this to give the older dog a break.