We have a Puppie Shar Pie that has an enlarged heart, He is about 2 weeks old.. …

We have a Puppie Shar Pie that has an enlarged heart, He is about 2 weeks old.. He is having a hard time eating and isn’t nursing very well, we are trying to supplement with puppy formula but it’s not seeming to work. He isn’t growing very much and has a real hard time with eating and resting he has to sleep with his head up or he doesn’t rest well.. He has a sister that’s almost double his size since they where born.. he was a lil larger than her to start. but we are just asking if anyone has dealt with this successfully.. we are trying just about everything we can think of.. we just don’t want to lose him.. and we can’t afford the vet bill to have them do what they can we took him in to start is why we know he has an enlarged heart. Anyways any help here would be appreciated..

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2 years ago

I think with such a precarious situation, you should consider making a plan with your vet- be upfront with your budget and explain that you both want to help this puppy, but it has to be an affordable plan. I am quite sure that they will help you in that regard. If not, I personally would find another vet. I do not know the chances of survival, but I’m guessing they are unfortunately low, since there really is no cure.😢 I know in older dogs, meds and diet play a huge roll. Being that this puppy is so young, I… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I think that these cases are almost impossible to manage without a big price tag attached. This is most likely a congenital defect and without surgery or radical intervention the prognosis is often very poor. I’m sorry about this. I would reach out the every person and university you can find to see if anyone will take this case on. I would also recommend that you offer to give him up for the chance of saving his life. Maybe someone will invest the time and resources needed to give him a fighting chance. I’m sorry again.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bones

😢I’m so sorry. Know that you have him the most comfortable hit of time you could while he was here.