We have 3 female cats. Our 2 cats, Margo and Edith, are now 3 years old and grew up …

We have 3 female cats. Our 2 cats, Margo and Edith, are now 3 years old and grew up together. Gwen is the 3rd, a kitten we rescued a few months ago. Gwen is not yet spayed but she is peeing on things throughout the house and causing Margo to mark her territory. I am here to get help with our situation and resolve the peeing and behavioral issues.

We found out the Gwen has elevated liver enzymes so she is being treated for that. Margo is on prescribed calming treats to help. Both older cats chase Gwen with intent as if they are annoyed or angry with her.

We have multiple litter boxes and plenty of places for them to avoid each other if they please.

Gwen is giving us a lot of trouble with peeing on clothes and random objects in the house and it is getting progressively worse…she is not yet spayed but we are at a loss as opposed to what to do or what is going on.

Can anyone provide some answers and suggestions as to why this is happening?

Thank you in advance!

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, Anytime I get a case like this I recommend a urinalysis be done. It is imperative to rule out a urinary issue. I also do a full blood work too. After that I talk about Feliway trying lots of treats and catnip and trying to understand what she is trying to tell you. They do everything for a reason so I don’t just medicate and turn a blind eye. I do talk about anti anxiety medications and there are lots of options s for this but it doesn’t change the fact that the case should be investigated thoroughly. This… Read more »