We adopted a rescue cat named Fluffy about 6 months ago. We slowly got her used to …

We adopted a rescue cat named Fluffy about 6 months ago. We slowly got her used to our house and about a month ago we let her expand a bit onto the main level of the house (where the other cats are) they all met previously but they’ve only been out and about all together for about a month.

1 of the 3 original cats (Ben) is having territorial issues with Fluffy. He is obsessive over her. He follows her, stares at her, chases her, corners her, and just doesn’t seem to want to stop. She minds her own business but he always finds her.

We’ve gotten extra litter boxes, extra perches, separate feeding areas, feliway diffusers, everything we can think of. But Ben won’t let up.

What can we do?

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1 year ago

Hi there!! I’m wondering if he might just need more time? Perhaps supervised visits and then keep those two separated when you cannot supervise? Then try again to go unsupervised and figure out what works. It sounds like you’ve really done your homework and prepared for multiple cats with the perches and extra litter boxes, etc. I’m hoping they get used to each other. I know sometimes things never get “lovey-dovey” but they can learn to coexist and tolerate one another…

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I agree about needing more time. And I also think that things like feliway catnip, toys and even time out areas where your new cat can retreat to might help. Also talk to your vet about anxiety medications to help bridge the gap. I use a lot of gabapentin and fluoxetine. It really can help while they are getting used to each other.