My male cat has trouble passing urine today, went to the vet and was diagnosed…

My male cat has trouble passing urine today, went to the vet and was diagnosed with idiopathic cystitis. He’s not completely blocked only passing tiny dribbles of urine. Was prescribed an anti inflammatory, pain meds and new wet food. He’s been drinking lots of water and not eating since we got back from the vet. I’m worried about him. Was told to wait and see and then come back if no change or symptoms worsen. He’s been hiding under the bed no improvement. Won’t eat. We have some calming spray and topical drops coming in the mail soon just to see if that helps with any stress. Would love to hear anything you can contribute.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, For cases like this when I have a very worried and devoted parent I ask them if they would like to learn how to palpate their pets bladder to be better able to monitor at home and also to give sq fluids to keep the bladder as flushed as possible. If you can afford it hospitalize your cat for iv fluids and have them monitor. Then I recommend you switch to a urinary formula canned food and maybe even add water. Also products like cranmate or dasaquin might help. Ask about what you can do at home. Ask about… Read more »