Today after running errands I came home to find my 7yo Shepherd Mix cowering in the …

Today after running errands I came home to find my 7yo Shepherd Mix cowering in the corner. Typically he runs to greet us. I made sure he hadn’t gotten into anything then I let him out while unloading groceries, typically he enjoys running around the farm but today he hopped into the back of my SUV and refused to budge. As my truck was in a shady spot I let him be with the hatch and windows open while I mowed. Now several hours later he is still in the back of my truck. He has been offered water which he drank and we let his Golden Retriever best bud out who he was happy to see but still refused to budge. Typically he is a “Velcro” dog and stays right with us, especially my daughter. This behavior is very out of character and has me concerned .

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3 years ago

I am sorry you didn’t get a response sooner. I would be concerned as well with such a sudden change in behavior. I would get to the vet- just for peace of mind for sure. Even if you go and they find no temperature or anything else wrong, you will at least know that part of the equation is ok. Maybe he just ate something he shouldn’t have and will bounce back? I’m hoping by now you have a better idea of what is going on.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Did you talk to the vet? I’m worried for your pup.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

It sounds like something got him startled and he needed a little change if scenery to get himself off the issue. If he’s still afraid of the kitchen start desensitizing him back to it.