to start out I had a Jack Russell and our neighbor had a great dane. My …

to start out I had a Jack Russell and our neighbor had a great dane. My Jack had gotten bitten by the great dane, so my vet was short of staff so I had to get him to a vet, well the neighbor called their vet and they said bring him in.This was a Wed, around 5 pm. Jack had a rip on the right shoulder and marks on his elbows. They stitch Jack up and put a drain tube in.They tell me to bring him back Monday to take out the tube, Ok now this is the following day, Thur. and I call and tell them Jack is not eating or drinking and He smells really bad.They say bring him in and that was 10 am and he was there till 7 pm. We get in the car to go home and I tell my boyfriend that he still smells bad. Well Fri. comes and I just baby Jack.Then Fri. comes and I call the vet and tell them Jack is not getting better and he still smells bad. They say bring him in, this was Sat., ok 3rd time to this vet and guess what she comes out and shows us his left shoulder that’s shaved and all black with a cut that was the smelly that I smelled for 3 days. I asked her why they didn’t see that and her reply was, are you ready for this?? Why didn’t You see it?? wth, I am NOT a vet I told her and after I told them on day 2 they should’ve found something??? We took Jack home and he was so uncomfortable that we took him to another vet at 5 am Sunday morning. They knew Jack was not doing good, they couldn’t find his blood pressure and then they found one at 18,she told us it should be 80.We left and was told if he was stable they would do a transfusion and we said whatever it takes.We get a call later saying he is not getting better so we went to see him and he was so weak and it just broke our heart to do what we had to do.We brought Jack home and buried him.
My advice to everyone if this happens get your friend shaved so this is not over looked. We miss this little guy every day and I know some people think we are nuts But his was our everything. The big kicker is no vet wants to help us because vets are their friends, Well if you are a vet for our friends you should help with anything that went wrong if not you are not a vet that cares about our friends and I think that is awful.

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