when is the best time to have a bitch puppy speyed

when is the best time to have a bitch puppy speyed

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Our guidelines in Col. Potter Cairn Rescue is for females to be spayed at 6 months, same for males to be neutered.  In the past 20 years of owning dogs I have gone from fixing them at 1 year old to this 6 month age recommendation and I see big differences in how my dogs respond.  And I am liking the results of altering them at 6 months.

5 years ago

depends on the breed and whether you’re able to keep her away from dogs.

larger breeds mature later, and it’s suggested to wait until AT LEAST their first heat to ensure their bodies develop fully…if not until they are fully grown.  for example, if i were not actively showing my doberman, i would be spaying her around her second birthday in July.