My cat has thrown up 3 hairballs in the past week. This started after we…

My cat has thrown up 3 hairballs in the past week. This started after we had began packing to move, he has also had a diet change. I noticed no other problems with him. Could this be due to stress or is it something bigger?

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3 years ago

This could be a combination of stress from the move and all that goes along with it and the new food. Your cat may be grooming more often to sooth any stress they are feeling. I would keep an eye on him…maybe jot down how often he is grooming, when hairballd occur, what is going on just before or around the time they occur, and if it continues share this info with your vet. Best of luck!

Stacey Harris
3 years ago

My cats also went through a stage of throwing up hairballs; one of my cats was a domestic long-hair. I solved her issue by shaving her each summer in May and she stays short through December. Also, it made it much easier on her grooming habits, which would lead to hairballs each month. I switched both to a high fiber dry kibble, grain free and hairballs have almost completely been eradicated. I’m wary of highly “colored” kibbles found in the cheaper grocery stores that include many dyes and artificial flavors/colors. These caused both of my cats to vomit commonly. Finally… Read more »