My cat has these black, crusty spots on her chin. What are they and is…

My cat has these black, crusty spots on her chin. What are they and is it ok to put peroxide on them?

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico (@kristamagnifico)
2 years ago

I agree with Sarah. Prob acne. Make sure you are using stainless steel or ceramic/glass feeding and water bowls and ask your bet for a safe topical cleaner for this. We have medicated cleaning pads (they look like the old stridex acne cleaning pads) that are safe to use and help open the pores to keep the area clean and happy. Please get help before these become deep and severe and cause infection. Let us know how things go.

Sarah (@scgreco413)
2 years ago

Based on what you’re saying, it could be kitty acne. Your vet would be able to diagnose for sure with a quick exam. If it is acne, it’s pretty easy to clean up and take care of. Also, I would recommend changing bowls to stainless steel or ceramic, and clean them regularly to avoid acne. I don’t think peroxide would help much. You can get a Rx solution to clean the area with and sometimes certain facial cleansers are recommended. See what your vet advises. Best of luck!

Laura (@lauramiedzianowski)
2 years ago

Don’t put peroxide anywhere on your cat. Until you see your vet as suggested by Sarah, use a warm wet washcloth.