There are are small (smaller than the size of pea) bumps on my dogs head…

There are are small (smaller than the size of pea) bumps on my dogs head, that were not there yesterday. She’s a 5 year old beagle. They seem to be underneath the skin with no redness or any other noticeable protrusion above the skin. They don’t seem to be bothering her. She’s up to date on all vaccines and flea/tick treatment. I wiped the top of her head off with a wash cloth with dawn dish soap on it and they gown down significantly. I’m not sure what it might be and what caused it

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Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Based on the acute onset my guess would be allergies or hives/uticaria. But this is a guess. Your best bet for a better answer is at your vets office. Call them and ask for help. If it is allergies you might need help with a medication like a steroid or antihistamine to stop and/or reverse them. I have seen some dogs start with a few bumps to develop a whole body reaction over a few days or even hours. It’s always better to address an issue in the early stages then to have it get worse