The dog groomer suggests our Norwich Terrier takes medicine prior to grooming appointment. She bites the …

The dog groomer suggests our Norwich Terrier takes medicine prior to grooming appointment. She bites the groomer. She originally went to this groomer and they only had problems cutting her nails. We went elsewhere and our dog bit at the groomer and they called me to come pick her up mid grooming and they couldn’t finish her. We went back to the present one who completed that cut. She went back today and got groomed but they said she needs meds next time. She is 7 yrs old and a rescue. We have had her almost 2 yrs. She sometimes nips at us too. Suggestions about meds please. Thanks.

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Sarah (@scgreco413)
2 years ago

Hi there- Before you talk to your vet about meds, I would get the name of a good behaviorist. This has the potential to really escalate into a bigger problem, and no one wants that I’m sure. Perhaps the rescue you got her from can suggest a good behaviorist? I know a lot of humane societies/SPCA’s have people that they can point you towards as well. Also- perhaps a more strict routine and boundaries will help you all. I know you said that she nips at you sometimes too. That means that she does not look at you as highest… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico (@kristamagnifico)
2 years ago

I think this needs to be a discussion between you and your vet first. Then talk to your groomer about how you can start helping it be an easier process for everyone. This should not be just about getting a drug to fix him. It is a long slow positive reinforcement process. I hope this helps.

Laura (@lauramiedzianowski)
2 years ago

I would look into alternatives for nails, at the very least. There’s a group on Facebook called Nail Maintenance for Dogs:

They have a LOT of great info, including proper desensitization and things like scratch boards for nails. I’d look into it…especially when the concepts behind proper desensitization can be applied elsewhere in your training with your dog.