My cat was taken in to the vet in May to treat allergies, difficulty breathing…

My cat was taken in to the vet in May to treat allergies, difficulty breathing (snoring sounds) and a head tilt. Was given an anti inflammatory, antibiotic (convenia), vitamin b-12, ear drops, and an X-ray. Diagnosed with asthma brought on by allergies. Lungs ok. Three weeks later breathing and itching had improved, but third eyelid started showing.
Vet would not see him and said to go to a specialist.
Took the cat for a second opinion. That vet said we should check for nasal polyps. Was sedated and had an exam of ears and throat. No polyps were visible. Vet felt a small enlarged area under the soft palate, but could not confirm this was a polyp. Head tilting stopped after first visit. Recurred a few days ago. Not present now. Second vet recommended going to a specialist for ct scan. It is cost prohibitive and I’m not sure it is necessary. Third opinion from an online site recommended we try antibiotics for the respiratory issues. Started on one antibiotic today for ten days. And started on purina fortiflora.
Looking for any other advice or experience with issues like this. I’ve never had a cat with these problems.
#cats #nasal #headtilt #respiratory #polyps

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, This is a tough one. The problem really lies in the inability to localize and identify the lesion causing all of the clinical signs. I would look into Horners Syndrome and see a cat specialist. I also would consider a long discussion with a trusted vet on what is treatable and what isn’t based on most likely diagnosis. That’s really what you need. Help from someone who will talk about your case within your budget and comfort zone. I have to add one more thing. It really bugs the heck out of me to have a vet who won’t… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I completely understand your frustration. For al of the reasons you mention we added a storyline section to this site. If you can please add a story of your experience at each vet you went to and include the prices of each visit. I hope it is a way for others to see what the cost of care is and even which bets are affordable and helpful. Stories are entered by service provider. So each visit is entered separately but reference that you added one for each. It is a new feature so let me know if you have… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Awesome! Sounds like you made great helpful progress. Very best of luck.