So we stumbled upon a 2 yr old puggle who was going to be surrender…

So we stumbled upon a 2 yr old puggle who was going to be surrender to the Humane Society. We were told that she is being treated for a UTI but was very healthy. The owners were keeping her in a cage for 12-15 hrs which would definitely cause the UTI. So we asked around and found a family member in NY that was willing to take her. Long story short, we took her to NY and got her a check up. She doesn’t only have a UTI but also a huge stone in her bladder which needs to be removed surgically. My mother in law cannot afford this surgery being on a fixed income. Being the owner of 5 of my own pets, I cannot afford it either. But we don’t want this sweet dog going back to the owner or shelter. Can you recommend somewhere that would consider doing pro-bono or discounted work for rescue pets? We plan on bringing her back to Maryland tonight.

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Krista Magnifico

I’m sorry I don’t know of anyone who does pro bono work for owned pets. You can apply to foundations or borrow from friends. There is also the possibility of trying a diet to dissolve the stone. In some cases this works and most dogs need to be on a prescription diet to prevent the stone from getting larger or recurring anyway.