My cat has squamous cell carcinoma under and behind her tongue. She’s on a…

My cat has squamous cell carcinoma under and behind her tongue. She’s on a feeding tube, and can’t use her tongue for lapping milk or grooming. I’ve been to the cancer vet, and I know she only has 4-6 months. (I’m trying to accept it, but it’s so hard). She sometimes ‘works’ her mouth, opening & closing it, moving her tongue as best she can – I think she knows things don’t feel right and she’s trying to rearrange them. Would it make her more comfortable to have some of the tumor & part of her tongue removed? Or would that just make distress her? Would it just re-grow anyway?

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4 years ago

So sorry about your cat. I would discuss this with your vet. They know you, your situation and your cat the best. They would be able to tell you whether or not any type of procedure would be beneficial and you could talk you your options together. Me? I would make each day I have with my cat special and take all the time I have left with her as it is- a gift.

Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Hello, Without knowing what exactly you have done already and if you had a biopsy done, I will add that oral tumors in cats are often impossible to resect (remove surgically) cleanly and often return aggressively. They have a pretty dismal prognosis. I’m so sorry. I recommend you keep her comfortable and eating for as long as possible and talk to your vet or oncologist frequently. I’m so sorry. I know how impossibly hard it is to face these kinds of challenges I send you my warmest wishes and best of luck.