We adopted a dog three months ago from a reputable shelter who swore she was…

We adopted a dog three months ago from a reputable shelter who swore she was spayed and say they have the records for the surgery. Three weeks ago she started showing signs of being in heat, we took her to the vet and they said her hormones and blood showed signs of being in heat as well. She seems to be following the patterns of a normal heat, with the bleeding first and then yellowish discharge and now bleeding again, but it seems to be longer than a normal heat? Tomorrow marks three weeks since she started bleeding and after the yellowish discharge/lessened blood she just started having a darker red discharge again. I’ve read a few articles that says this is normal, but I’m worried both about the timeline, as it seems longer, and the fact that she was supposedly spayed. The vet said they could possibly have missed an ovary during the procedure, but I’m not sure as to the next step because the vet didn’t seem sure about anything, and could not give me any definite answer.

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5 years ago

i absolutely would take her to your regular vet – she should have an established history with one by now anyway. 🙂

5 years ago

is this vet the one recommended by the shelter?  i would consider getting a second opinion.

that said: normal heat cycles SHOULD last 3 weeks – a week of straw-colored discharge, a week of bloody discharge, and a week of brown, thinner discharge.  if she’s going through a second cycle i would be concerned about possible underlying health problems.