So, we rescued a dog about a month ago, and since then me and him have …

So, we rescued a dog about a month ago, and since then me and him have had a really strong bond until recently. Nearly 2 weeks ago we found a baby kitten abandon and we took him home, so I’ve been busy taking care of him aswell. My dog seems to be more distant towards me and hanging out with other household members instead. I think he may be upset, will this go on forever or will he get over it? I miss my big boy by my side all the time

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2 years ago

Only a month before bringing another animal in? He might be unsettled. Get back to your daily training and he’ll come back to you as his primary person.

2 years ago

Hi there- Thanks for opening your home to animals in need. I agree with Laura- he is unsettled. I have to stress ROUTINE. He will thrive on routine and it will help reinforce the bond between you. Just think- you’re life is completely changed and as soon as you start to understand it, another big change is happening. Even if it is a positive change, he doesn’t understand that. I also have to say- WALKS. Nice ones of quality time for the two of you. Try to make them part of your routine that he can count on. The more… Read more »