So my cat has a urinary blockage, and we took him in to get the crystals …

So my cat has a urinary blockage, and we took him in to get the crystals removed from his bladder but it keeps getting hard and he can’t go pee. Every morning for the last three days we have had to take him in to get his bladder drained and it is costing a lot. They have given us some relaxing medicine to help him, but soon we will have to put him down if it doesn’t work. I wanted to ask for any at-home tips to help his bladder empty easier in the litter box, like what kind of food should we feed him and should we give him water to help? Please respond it is urgent and he may have to be put down tomorrow.

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1 year ago

Good morning- We had a male cat years ago who had to be put on Rx food specifically for urinary issues. Your vet should be able to provide this. We also had to change litter, also a recommendation by our vet at the time. I think if I were you, I would call and ask to speak to the vet to see what options aside from euthanasia (it sounds like this has been recommended) they have to offer. I’m hoping that Dr. Magnifico sees your post- she is a wealth of information and may have better advice than myself. I… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

In these cases I place a urinary catheter and give iv fluids for a few days. It isn’t the cheapest route to go but it does have the best prognosis. I really hope your cat is ok.