So I took my cat to the er on Saturday for being blocked and he came …

So I took my cat to the er on Saturday for being blocked and he came home Tuesday evening 2,178$ bill that I couldnt aford I borrowed money from my dad …and 24 hours later be blocked again…wtf ! Why didnt they just keep him longer and leave the catheter in longer then 2 days ?? What am I to do now …I have no money ! And they wont do payment plans …am I suppose to just let him die ???!!! I have an appointment…but I cant pay it ….I had to make a go fund me ! I’m just so lost !

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Please see the previous response.

carrie Urquhart
1 year ago

Cats often re block when they are having issues. Im not sure why they didn’t refer you to your normal vet to continue with the catheter. X-rays and ultrasound would show what’s inside the bladder such as crystals or bladder stones, and then you’d have a better idea how to treat him. When I worked for the vets office we used royal canin urinary so food. It helps dissolve the crystals inside the bladder and helps to stop it from reoccurring. However this isn’t helpful while he is blocked since being blocked is an emergency. I would recommend taking him… Read more »