SO I noticed my kitten has a UTI and I couldn’t afford to do a …

SO I noticed my kitten has a UTI and I couldn’t afford to do a bladder express surgery so I brought him home and I came across a video of sometimes you can express the penis to see if the calculi comes out and if it does you don’t need a catheter. So I gave it try at home and some white stuff came out like salt and he peed so much! What a relief but then this morning he was straining again and I helped him again and more white stuff came out (they look like white salts) I am trying to figure what is this white stuff and I am thinking it’s the magnisum that I am giving him since he can’t walk due to Bengal polyneuropathy. How can we flush him out ? Does he need surgery to remove these white specs? What antibiotics should we get to help him with pain? I need help please

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3 years ago

It looks like that is crystals. I would advise you getting to the vet and talking to them. Until then, I would make sure he is hydrated and drinking LOTS and possibly continue expressing and hopefully more will continues to come out. Even if he starts urinating on his own, I would get a visit to the vet. Let us know how Hong’s are going.