So i have a 2 y/o female cat who isnt fixed yet but soon will be. …

So i have a 2 y/o female cat who isnt fixed yet but soon will be. I also have a 2 y/o ferret. They have always gotten along as they both have free range (no one yell about thre ferret having free range please, that isnt the issue and he’s very safe) i found a 4 week old ish kitten about a month ago and decided to keep him. My fear was my cat… but to my surprise she fell head over heels in love with the kitten and now seems to think she’s his mom… that’s being said she cleans him, watches over him, sleeps with him, disciplines him and PROTECTS him… with that being said everytime my kitten and the ferret play she goes aggressively at the ferret and he runs n hides… i feel terrible and have tried to encourage them to play and distract her while they play but she’s relentless. Help!!! All my life ive had different combos of animals and have always found ways to make them get along but im at a loss here… getting her fixed should help this???

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Spaying might help. Big emphasis on might. I would say this is going to take time and boundaries. There is no other way around it. It is very common for the family dynamics to change with the addition of a new pet. You can try to isolate and spend time independently with everyone. Or try caging the aggressor intermittently to see if that helps de intensify the situation (but better wanted it might make the stress worse). Or find a separate place for your ferret and get him his own friend. Really my biggest concern is the ferrets safety.… Read more »