Small lump on dogs ear. My dog is around 10 years old at this point, he is …

Small lump on dogs ear.

My dog is around 10 years old at this point, he is a King Charles spaniel x Patterdale and has never had any major health problems. He is an extremely active and energetic dog but has a small hard red lump on his ear.

I probably noticed it a few weeks ago, as far as I can tell it hasn’t changed in size. He quite often gets thorns stuck in his skin as he likes to dive into absolutely anything to retrieve his ball, so maybe it could be an infected thorn wound? Even so, I will most likely be taking him to the vet but would like some other opinions first.

(It doesn’t seem to be giving him any discomfort)

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico (@kristamagnifico)
1 year ago

Hello, I don’t think that you need to rush to the vets office but I do think it should be seen by them. It is utterly impossible to diagnose any limp or bump via a photo. And honestly even in person I usually have to say that the only way we know for sure what it is is with biopsy. It is small so your vet might also ok the watch and wait scenario. But if I do this with my clients I always preface it with the following: I measure the mass with a ruler. And I tell the… Read more »