I rescue dogs. I am a foster failure. My recent foster failure is Shelby. I…

I rescue dogs. I am a foster failure. My recent foster failure is Shelby. I have had her for a year now. She is a border collie mix who was rescued at 1 1/2 years old at 7 lbs. (should have been 25 lbs.) with no shelter, no food or water, and on a chain. Couple of things that bother me and what I think attributes it. I want to get your opinion.

First, she licks constantly. If she can’t make contact, she licks the air. I attribute this to anxiety from her past. She has no reason to be anxious since being with me, she is treated like a queen !!

In public and around other people/strangers, she squats a lot. I have checked her for urinary tract infections….all negative. I, once again, attribute this to anxiety.

She constantly tries to herd everything. I know its in her blood lines but she never stops. She has an older brother she herds and she even herds me. ?? How do I correct the behavior with me ??

Lately I have noticed her humping stuffed animals in the house. I assume to establish dominance. I find this weird for a female dog. How do I correct this behavior ??

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Ed! Thank you for your question but THANK YOU even more for being a foster parent to Shelby. Without people like you countless pets would never get a second chance at finding someone to love. I hope that you can understand how grateful I am for your kindness, care, compassion, and generosity. Please don’t ever underestimate how special a person you are for giving your time, attention and home to a pet in need. You are not a failure!! You are just being challenged..and what’s worth achieving is only gained through challenges. So don’t give up and don’t beat… Read more »