I had a 6 year old female rabbit. The day we noticed these symptoms was…

I had a 6 year old female rabbit. The day we noticed these symptoms was the day we had to put her down unfortunately. When we saw her she was holding her head up constantly and only one side of her nose was twitching which wasn’t twitching properly in itself. She didn’t eat a single thing or drink anything that day despite our attempts. I called her and she was all over the place trying to walk, not steady at all, she was staying in one position. Once I lifted her up I noticed blood spots on her bottom but there didn’t seem to be any in the litter tray. Very lethargic and not responding to anything. As I said, I made the choice to have her put down. The vet did say she felt masses in the abdomen on her initial examination but we didn’t find out what was actually wrong. Any suggestions or answers would be much appreciated!

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Beth,I’m sorry for the loss of your rabbit.It’s very hard to say what may have been wrong with your rabbit. Since you said your vet did feel masses, I’d tend to believe that was most likely the cause of her having these issues. Most likely if  she felt masses, there may have been other issues as well that she just couldn’t see or feel. She could have had a mass rupture internally and that may have caused her odd head symptoms and lack of wanting to eat. Rabbits of course need to constantly eat or else their digestive symptoms… Read more »