Hi everybody!
Well my pup is going on five months now, he’s been desexed and had…

Hi everybody!
Well my pup is going on five months now, he’s been desexed and had all his needles ect. and he’s a healthy happy boy. However, he has always been an inside dog due to the fact when he was a little guy he was very unwell. We are now moving to a bigger house with a large yard (he’s a cattle dog) and we are hoping for him to become an outside dog. However the problem is we’re having trouble convincing him to be an outside dog 😉
Hes currently being put in the garage with his bed, toys and clothing of ours, we have a clock in there and he has his own radio to keep him company. However, for the last two weeks he will not stop crying, whining, howling, batting at the door loudly and barking. Fortunately, he cries a bit when we put him in at night, and mainly sleeps through the night but as soon as he hears the birds which is like (3 am or 4 am) he won’t stop carrying on from then.
Its driving us crazy, we aren’t getting any sleep and neither is he. It makes us much less approachable in the morning when we get him out. We have started leaving him in there when we go to university and the shops during the day and he continues to do the same thing. We have tried everything, we have ignored him and turned to some smacks on the bottom but nothing is working!
Please if you have any advice, we are willing to try anything!

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Linda Bradley
5 years ago

Laura and Dr Krista are correct – he wants to be with his family!  A 5-month old puppy cannot entertain himself and neither can an adult dog without a job.  Show him that outside is a wonderful, fun place to be by being out there with him and playing games.  End the game before he is bored with it and then go inside.  Once he is an adult, will he have cattle to herd?  If not, he can get into all sorts of trouble outside alone out of boredom.   Please stop smacking him!  He won’t understand why you are… Read more »

5 years ago

honestly, he wants to be with his family…unless you have some pressing NEED for him to be outside, let him stay in.  in fact, i’d crate him away from windows and give him some sort of radio in the room so he doesn’t hear the birds.

as for the rest of his carrying on…he sounds BORED.  what do you do with him when you’re home?  are you actively training him?  if not, you need to start.