I’ve got a 9 week old puppy at home, she is passing stools normal colour…

I’ve got a 9 week old puppy at home, she is passing stools normal colour not to much but is crying when trying to pass. She has been wormed and I’ve just given her, another one as requested by previous owner. Will this fade eventually once worms are killed she is scooting her bum on the floor too

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I always tell people that if their puppy isn’t acting normally that you should assume something is wrong and see a vet. If you are worried tell your vet. If they aren’t helpful or reassuring seek a second opinion. You are the only advocate your puppy has.

3 years ago

Since she’s only 9 weeks old, you can’t have had her long. Which means either you have a vet visit happening in the next couple of days, right? Ask your vet. 🙂

Jennifer Taylor
3 years ago

I would speak with your vet. There are different wormers that are parasite specific. It could be as simple as the wormer you are using is not covering the parasite the puppy has….or it could be something completely unrelated. If she is crying when passing stool I would try to get in to your vet as soon as possible. I hope your puppy feels better soon!