She has not been able to jump on the couch for a few days…

She has not been able to jump on the couch for a few days now. She has always slept in bed with me or my younger sisters but now she won’t even get down to pee. (she went in the bed for the 1st time since she was a puppy that was too small to get down.) My dogs are very close to me, and they are my closest friends. I am scared that she is developing arthritis and that I will not be able to afford much help for her if that is the case. I can give her away to someone that can afford frequent visits to the vet even though it would break my heart to pieces.. if I give her away, I would almost have to find a home that would take her daughter too. They could not live apart, it would only make them miserable. I don’t want to give them up at all. The only reason I’d consider it, is because I love her so much that I would rather her live a longer life without me than a shorter life with me. She does not deserve to suffer just because I am too selfish to give her away bc it would hurt me so bad. I love her so much that I would let her (and her daughter) go in order for her to receive the proper care if she is developing arthritis. I am just afraid that she would never be happy without me and my family. I would die inside, but I want her to be okay.

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