Please help!!! We recently rescued a Yellow Canary from Pet Smart 3 weeks ago. He has been …

Please help!!! We recently rescued a Yellow Canary from Pet Smart 3 weeks ago. He has been acting fine, loves attention, sings, perks up when you talk to him and was great all day today. He loves to stand tall and flap his wings normally. This evening we were making dinner and I walked back in the living room and he was stuck in his hooded food bowl. Within a minute this happened because I walked to stir the pot and went back and there he was. I immediately scooped him up and placed him on his favorite perch, I removed the hoods as I thought maybe they were dangerous. And reached over to give him his favorite pet on his neck and he climbed on my hand and would not get off, I wouldn’t be alarmed if this was normal for him so I kept my hand there for him thinking he maybe felt safe after feeling trapped. He kept closing his eyes and wobbling bad. He finally jumped off in about 4 minutes and kept trying to perch and would lose his balance and try to sleep but startle and lean forward doing so. He even tried resting against the bars. I have been watching him now for about 2 hours and he has finally settled in but just seems a bit off still, not seeming relaxed and cozy at his bedtime like normal. I also want to add he kept leaning forward after like he was afraid he was going to fall backwards. I just want to stay ahead of things if he is sick and with all that is going on I figured I would try here first to see if you think maybe he just got scared and will settle in now. He immediately fit right in here when we brought him home. He is such a happy and friendly little guy and we love him so much already. My daughter is so scared and so am I, he has brought so much joy during this crazy dark mess we are in with the virus threat. Thank you so much in advance and God Bless and keep you all safe.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I would put him in a very quiet very safe place and let him rest tonight. It sounds like trauma and honestly in these small guys the only thing you really can do is give them time to heal. No food no water no ability to fly or fall. Just a safe small quiet place to rest. Check on him in the morning and give him time. I hope he heals ok.