Please could you give me some advise. I got my dog (1year old) castration due to …

Please could you give me some advise. I got my dog (1year old) castration due to cryptorchidism. Day1 – After the surgery he was very bruised. Day2 – He was happy, eating, drinking but very sore. Day3- Abdomen started to swell. Day4- Abdomen was very swollen, bruised and slight clear weeping from incision. Visited the vet who said it was fine. Day5- Extreme swelling (see pic) so I took him to the vet again who give more pain/inflammation meds. Day6 -Swelling has ruptured leaving a whole in his abdomen (see pic) Visited the vet again who give 6 day supply off antibiotics and advised to clean twice daily. The vet didn’t clean the wound and advised it didn’t need stitched closed. Day7 – My dogs eaten and drank but has spent most of the day sleeping. I’m so worried that he has a large whole in his abdomen, how’s it ever going to close! Also why would this happen! Thanks for taking the time to read.

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1 year ago

Poor baby!! Definitely keep the area clean- flush with saline? Did your vet provide you with novasol? (The blue antiseptic) We use that to keep cuts clean often. Truly, I think I would call my vet back and voice my concerns to them and see what they say. I think I would ask to be seen again as well. If still not happy with things, I might call around for references to someone who I feel more comfortable with.