My 7 year old pitbull recently went about 4 days (maybe 5) without defecating and…

My 7 year old pitbull recently went about 4 days (maybe 5) without defecating and eating minimally (no dog food, just occasionally would sneak some people foood) and escessively thirsty and peeing excessively . I made a vet appointment, and the day prior to the appointment she defecated, and began to eat (not much for the most part, juat a few bites here and there and was back to being herself in regards to personality. To be safe I took her to the vet anyway as an appointment had already been made. The vet diagnosed it as pancreatitis, noting that she seemed to have pulled through the worst of it on her own he said and put her on a course of meds (antibiotic and what I understood to be a probiotic) After the first day of meds she again became lethargic, and again won’t eat, not eating is putting it lightly, she has an aversion to it, regardless of what food it is she tends to get up and move elsewhere to avoid it. She is still urinating and defecating infrequently despite diminished food and liquid intake

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

What diagnostics did your vet do to determine it was pancreatitis? It is possible that she’s reacting to the antibiotic or it is possible that the diagnosis is something else. I’d definitely call the vet back and tell them what is going on.

Jana Rade
5 years ago

Can’t comment on the blood test much without knowing what it showed and whether or not they ran cPL. Please do talk to them, though.