My dog had a patella surgery 8 days ago. I read somewhere its ok to…

My dog had a patella surgery 8 days ago. I read somewhere its ok to let him lie down on the side where his incision is, so I let him. But today I noticed a fluid buildup around his incision site. Its not warm to the touch and the incision isnt reddish. The orthopedic surgeon that did the surgery is far away, we have an appointment with him in a week for my dog’s suture removal.
Has anyone had experience similar to this? I read its a seroma and its better to leave the body absorb it naturally. I called my local vet and she recommended needle aspiration, Im not sure its the best idea. Advices, please.. IM AFRAID HIS SUTURES WILL BURST.
P.S. my dog develops bumps every time he gets vaccinated or when he’s given a shot subcutaneously

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico(@kristamagnifico)
3 years ago

It is always best to contact your vet and/or surgeon to discuss any and all post op questions. I can add that in general I don’t worry if my patents are lying on their incisions. If they are comfortable enough to do that I actually feel better about them post op. But please call your vet. Infection is always a worry and assessing it ASAP is very important.