our vet just said he cant get a cath in. possible scar tissue. this cat has …

our vet just said he cant get a cath in. possible scar tissue. this cat has always had a strong stream and just started having issues 3 weeks ago. vet gave me antibiotics and prazosin. no help there. since he is in hospital they were able to get a stream but it diminished overnight. what can I do? they cant cath him.

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2 years ago

Hi there- ages ago we had a male cat who was blocked. They had a very hard time catheterizing him, but eventually were able to. I recall there being a specific medication (I think it was some sort of muscle relaxer) that helped them, but I cannot remember the details. And I believe they also used a needle to relieve some of the bladder pressure which they thought would help. But I know that was tricky because they didn’t want to cause any damage (obviously). Have you spoken to them about options for getting this resolved? I’m sure you have… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I’m not quite sure what you are asking but I think your vet needs to be prepared for other treatment options like a PU surgery, emptying the bladder via a cytsocentesis or referring you elsewhere. In some cases I empty the bladder and place the cat under sedation or anesthesia and try again. It can be hard and frustrating but you need to get the bladder able to empty and they urine able to keep moving. This is a question for your vet to figure out.