Our Morkie, Stella, is having an allergic reaction since last night. She was licking and biting …

Our Morkie, Stella, is having an allergic reaction since last night. She was licking and biting herself all night and when we finally realized she wasn’t just being just neurotic (she has some weird behavior sometimes) we took her to her regular vet.

The vet told us she is having a serious allergic reaction and they gave her a shot (cytopoint 20mg).

We think maybe she got into something that was really no good for her because while the shot seemed to help for a short period of time, it basically has now stopped working.

The vet thought maybe it was the food were giving her, but we’ve been giving her the same food for weeks.

She is now panting, refusing water and treats, and going back to biting and itching her sides and legs. Her ears are bright red inside which is a common allergy sign for humans but I know nothing about what that means for dogs.

She just seems itchy and twitchy all the time. Our vet is currently not open and is not accessible by phone.

We’re wondering if she maybe got into essential oils or massage oil we used for ourselves and licked it up. Nothing seems too scary right now but she does just seem completely uncomfortable and twitchy.

What should we do from here Pawbly? Please give us some guidance.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, Well. I am going to answer this as your friend. Some of it is general advice and some is more personalized. First. Every allergic reaction should be treated as a possible topical allergen. Bathe! Bathe! Bathe! It doesn’t really matter if you use doggie shampoo or detergent. But get the pet completely wet. Lather in shampoo. Rinse well. Repeat three times. Dry with a towel. Too much hot air from a dryer might worsen the red skin. (If it is red. And lots of allergy dogs get red). Next think about oral diphenhydramine. One mg per pound. If the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Oh. And cytopoint can take four days to take work. Apoquel is faster. But it’s still not my go to for an acute severe allergic reaction.